A Brief Introduction

Hi! I took photos of all the historic county courthouses (and some others) in Indiana so you didn’t have to.

Courthousery by the Numbers:

Since I rebooted this project in August, 2015…

…I’ve been to 92 counties (100%) in Indiana, six in Ohio (7%), and four in Michigan (5%).
I’ve been to 115 historic courthouses.
I’ve taken 3,054 courthouse photos.
I’ve driven 6,288 miles
I’ve spent 125 hours in the car.
I’ve consumed 52 44 oz. fountain pops on the road (16.5 gallons).

The intent of this site is to illustrate the historic county courthouses of Indiana in a manner I see fit. I trust myself as an arbiter and steward of the structures, and I wanted this project to satisfy my own standards and address the failings I perceived in other attempts at doing it. I began the project with a solemn set of incorruptible rules that would lead me to 92 nice, organizable photos- one of each county courthouse.

I ended up breaking all of them. Quickly. So many things changed as I worked my way around Indiana. Ideally, this blog will show more than just what 92 buildings look like. Hopefully my evolving opinions and perspectives, continuing education, love for the state, and enthusiasm about its architecture will show through on this site as I continue to refine it. Who knows- you might even learn something too, although I didn’t intend this to be an academic project.

As of February, 2018, I’ve reformatted the website to function more like a traditional blog than a repository. I intend each entry to have more (cited) information and photos than before. Keep checking back- I’ll update it with a courthouse post each Friday and Monday at 7:00 am until I’m done, and my plan is to post periodic midweek bonus entries about related topics or buildings that didn’t quite make the cut. The posts will be in no particular order, although I’m open to suggestion.

One last thing- what is ‘courthousery’, exactly?

Well, it’s a noun to describe this project. I’d break weekend plans because I was going courthousing. I’d invite friends or family to come along while I courthoused.

Courthousery (n): The act of driving around, drinking fountain pops, listening to music too loud, and taking pictures of old courthouses. 

That’s what it is. Thanks for stopping by!

Ted Shideler