About Me

My name is Ted Shideler. I am in my late-mid-twenties and live in Muncie, Indiana. I’m slogging my way through finishing a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and over the past ten years I’ve worked in fields ranging from brand management to real estate investment. I’ve always been interested in architecture and, to a lesser extent, photography.

When I’m not out and about engaging in courthousery, I can usually be found hunched over at my computer and Wacom tablet as a freelance graphic designer, playing drums as a session musician for local and regional artists, texas-rigging plow jockeys fishing for largemouth bass, watching pro basketball and hockey, or doing any number of other lesser photographic or art projects.


The courthouse project has taken up a considerable amount of mental bandwidth since I resumed it in 2015. I reserve all rights to the text, images, and other material that I’ve created. Each of the photos featured on this site from 2015-2018 was taken with a simple Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W330 point-and-shoot camera. I used Adobe Photoshop CS3, along with Color Efex Pro 4 and Dfine from the Google Nik Collection to process the photos.