About Me

My name is Ted Shideler. I’m 28 and live in Muncie, Indiana. I’ve loved architecture, specifically courthouse architecture, since I was a kid. I have boring, dim, great, and well-defined memories of driving by many of them in the state going one place or another, often on the way up to my dad’s in Elkhart.

The courthouse project has been a labor of love. In my free time (when I have it), I’m usually eating pizza, fishing, 3D-printing parts for miniature animatronics, or playing drums as a session musician for artists around the state. Obviously I love history, and I usually have a project I’m working on.

Now that I’ve been to every county and taken photos of every historic courthouse in Indiana, I am really wanting to make connections to get into the clock towers of some historic courthouses and take photos! If you have such a connection, please contact me.

Here are the only three photos of me taken during this project: One with the yet-to-be-installed Randolph County Courthouse clock tower, one with a statue of Frank O’Bannon in Corydon, and one more- a selfie at the Lake County Superior Courthouse in Gary.